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Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

Flame Angel Story

Flame Angel came very close to not being a reality, but we pulled her off spectacularly! 
The way we wanted to operate the light, design it for ease of manufacturing and operation was on the edge of madness. We pushed our design capabilities to its absolute limit and then some more onto the opposite spectrum of the high powered StingRay lights.
Not having the luxury of space which we had in the StingRay's, everything became a challenge as we refused to enlarge the design from our original concept of what the Flame Angel is, and how it operates.
Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015

StingRay Story

StingRay was built from a engineers perspective.
If you know anything about engineers, they'll go out and pick the very best of the best to use in their product, only to have the sales and marketing team tell that their product is going to be way to expensive to ever sell, make it cheaper and use lesser quality components and materials. Well, when we started out we didn't have a sales and marketing team, so we built the best of the best.
Friday, Jan 02, 2015

Our Story

We started SeaLantern® to add colour to our memories. The best times in life are the ones we spend with our friends and families doing what we love together. Our passion happened to involve the bizarre and alien like creatures that live underwater, which we would film and photograph to share.
Our pictures and videos didn't quite come out as well as we had hoped, and lacked the brilliant colours due to the seawater naturally filtering out the light spectrum.
Monday, Dec 15, 2014

Our Dives


few experienceunderwater beauty

Capture a Glimpsein full magnificence

show your worldthe expedition